The Truth About Matt and Helen Pearce


BREAKING: We’re usually hear from potential victims of Helen’s scam right away, then about six to nine months later we hear from actual victims who are only now figuring out what is going on. We’re currently hearing from victims of “Mary Jo Ezra” at “Ezra Agency”, which we first heard of in July 2015. If you signed a contract with “Mary Jo” or “Ezra Agency”, contact us at

CONFIRMED: Most recent aliases include Jennifer Henderson, Amanda Gibson (mainly contacting homeowners in Kansas), and Amy Davis (mainly working in North Carolina). Companies are Amazon Invest, Pruaz Properties, and Home Run Capital, respectively. She seems to have given up on actually registering her company names with the state of Florida or the state in which she is operating.

Helen-Pearce_mugshot.400x800Helen was charged in 2006 with third-class felony in connection with the crimes described here, but skipped out. A warrant was issued but by the time she was caught in 2011 the charges had expired. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen again. If you are a victim of Helen’s scam, we need you to file a victim report with the Osceola County Sheriff now! Marion County FL Docket

Helen has accidentally confessed to multiple felonies in a sworn document filed with the court while trying to slow our investigation!

In February, 2014 I was contacted by “JJ Pierce” from Flat Stone Capital LLC, who wanted to make an offer on my for-sale-by-owner home. I thought her offer seemed suspicious and rejected it, but her email conversation with me was amusing, so I posted a blog article about her on my personal website and thought no more of it.

But then I discovered another website similar to JJ’s. And I began to find peculiar “blogs” that appeared to be unsolicited testimonials for JJ and her company. Next thing I knew, I was finding Better Business Bureau complaints and online forum discussions complaining about JJ but tying her to a number of aliases: Joanne Pearce, Helen Pearce, Jules Scott, Faith Stuart, Neleha Dun, and more. She was associated not only with Flat Stone Capital, but with KACW Investments, In Faith Properties, Redfield Holdings, Jubilee Property Ventures, and other companies — all LLCs or corporations in Florida.

The more I dug, the more I found. I began documenting my findings on my website. Eventually I found JJ’s real identity: Helen Joanne Pearce of Celebration, FL. Helen and her husband Matthew Eric Pearce have operated a number of Florida LLCs and corporations that have cheated home owners and renters out of thousands of dollars every year for the last ten or more years.

In January, 2015, I was contacted by one of Helen’s victims named “Doug”. Doug has a background in criminal investigation and was not going to let Helen (who had presented herself to him as Ferin Caffrey of FSC Endeavors LLC) get away with it. He and I began digging further into Helen’s activities. Doug initiated charges against her in his home state and in her home state of Florida. He alerted law enforcement agencies of her activities and began collecting actionable evidence from other victims.

This site is essentially a landing page for the information that appears on my personal website. You find links here to the full story of Helen’s activities and the status of our investigation.

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